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Travel tips

Our apartment lobby holds many magazines with useful information about Thailand and Phuket in general.

Rules of conduct

Law: It is wise not to conflict with Thai law as such behaviour can incur fines, deportation even imprisonment. We recommend no risk taking behaviour, instead simply enjoy the tranquility and joy such a beautiful tropical environment allows.


Transport (motorbike): the cheapest way to get around town is to rent a mokik (small motor-cycle) for 200-400 baht per day. Any driver’s license is satisfactory to qualify. Riding without a t-shirt or helmet is illegal. Keeping you license at hand while driving the vehicle is also necessary.


Transport (car): if you need transport from time to time then hailing a taxi is by far the easiest option. Should you wish to engage on a day to day travel around town perhaps managing your own sight-seeing adventures by hire-car would be better suited (1000-2000 baht per day). However, please bear in mind that you will really need your wits about you to be extra mindful of mokiks — they are always dodging around the roads and appear quite hazardous especially if you are intoxicated. We emphasis, for your own protection, not to drive under the influence of intoxicants for these few simple reasons: 1) car insurance is not valid, 2) penalities up to 30,000 apply, 3) any accidents caused by drunk drivers involving fatalities will incur the death penalty — so beware if drinking and driving!


Thai parking rules are quiet eccentric and require some contemplation to comprehend correctly and avoid parking fines. Basically, on even days of the week, i.e. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday you must park on one of the road, and on odd days, i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, you need park on the other. If it’s strange to comprehend, you will see firsthand when you get here. Any local will help if you ask politely.

As elsewhere in the world, parking fines apply but in Thailand for a minimal cost only. They require you to attend the Police station for this and depending on where you are staying, it can be quite inconvenient getting home from the Police station.