Apartment types

We offer several apartment types. You can choose the one that best suits for you.

Casuarina Shores offers several different accommodation options. You have the opportunity to choose the option that best suits your needs and ideas about the perfect vacation.

Types of apartments

Two bedroom apartment

140m2 fully equipped apartments located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors.

Two-Bedroom Apartment with Garden

Apartments of 140m2 fully equipped, located on the 1st floor, with access to a private indoor garden.

Two-Bedroom Penthouse with Private Pool

Fully equipped 140m2 apartment located on the 5th floor, with access to the roof, on which there is a private relaxation area with a private pool

One bedroom apartments

Apartments of 60m2 with kitchen, but with one bedroom.

What is meaning the numbers of apartments?

Apartments marked with numbered A2-1, C3-2, etc.

  • The letter of numbers (A, B, C or D) indicates the number of dwelling units
  • The first digit — number of floors
  • The second digit — apartments on left (1) or right (2) from elevator (only two apartments on each floor)

В нашей галерее доступны прекрасные дневные и ночные виды территории Casuarina Shores и панорамы белоснежного пляжа Bang Tao.

Casuarina Shores Territory

Our gallery offers beautiful day and night views of the Casuarina Shores and panoramas of the snow-white Bang Tao beach.

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