Shopping and entertainment

A special selection of places to shop and have a good time for our guests


The best place for a full range of grocery products is Tesco Supermarket. There is a street market across the street that makes a refreshing alternative. The street market is open about 3:00 pm until 9:30 pm on Monday and Thursday.

About 200 meters from Tesco right by the side of the road in the afternoon you can buy live crabs, shrimps and mussels, which are cooked on the spot.


You can find a great range of shopping malls on the street not far from Phuket town. There are hypermarket Tesco Lotus, Home Pro, Home Works, Central Festival, Big C, Index Living Mall etc.

You can get them by tuk-tuk or taxi within 30 minutes. Another option is the giant shopping mall Jung Ceylon in Patong.

Restaurants and cafes

The area around Casaurina Shores is pleasantly populated with numerous venues for breakfast, lunch and dinner offering dozens of inexpensive and tasty meals but there are none in the immediate vicinity of the apartments.

You will be pleased to know nearly all restaurants provide a home-delivery service for take-away orders.

For patrons seeking an upmarket culinary experience, there are numerous venues at hand close to the Laguna hotel. Their prices are expensive by Thai standards but not at the conversion rates afforded to foreign visitors 


If your main purpose to indulge in exotic and racy nightlife, CS is not really the most ideal place to stay. You would be better to stay in Patong. Bang Tao is more subdued, quiet and family oriented.

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