Instructions for guests

Brief overview of key points on every day that may be useful to our guests

Media Player DUNE

Press HDMI or SOURCE on TV remote to see Dune screen. Press SMART or colored button on TV remote to find a lot of internet TV canals, videos, games or other applications.  
Password for adult channels is “1”. Internet TV quality depends on internet speed. 

DO NOT press buttons: MODE A B C D CLEAR SELECT SETUP REC, That can lead to malfunction or delete media files.


There are LAN outlets under the bar table. 

Your Wi-Fi network name matches your apartment number, password prestige
Outside network CasuarinaCommon without password

Safe Box 

Safe Box in the storage. Press red button on the door inner edge, enter your 4-6-digit code, then “A” or “B” and lock swivel knob, holding the door open. Check if you can open the lock when put your code and letter, then use the safe box.

Please change the code to 0000A and leave the safe door open when check out.

Cleaning, linen and laundry

Two times per week. You can book additional cleaning/linen for 500 THB, and laundry for 900 THB.

Show bad quality if any to your apartment manager.


Free delivery to a restaurant 300m from CS. Breakfast coupons can be bought at the office for 300 THB per person.

Swimming pools

Worktime 8:30am — 10pm. Children under 12 with adults only. Lap pool is for adult only. No food, breakable dishes and ball games. Take shower before enter and wear swimming suits. Don’t disturb other guests.


Worktime 6am — 10pm. Adults only.

Free bike

Free bike for 24 hours within 1 km of Casuarina Shores, just ask for keys at the office.

The fine for the loss of a key is 500 THB, for the delay in returning 200 THB per day.

Air condition

Receiver for remote control between wooden blinds in front of storage.

Drying clothes

Use folding aluminum rack, not the terraces rails and cable fence.
Штраф 1000 THB


Sort to dry and wet and throw to separate trash bins.

Drinking water

You can change 19L bottle to new one at CS office.


Motorbike parking is across the road in front of lap pool, not on the car parking.

Bamboo Blinds

To open, pull the double rope. To close deflect tighten rope to the middle of the curtain and drop it.

No smoking 

No smoking inside apartments!
Smoke detectors trigger leads to hight penalty.


Use existing simulators with batteries instead of flammable candles To switch on or off shake it easily up or blow it out to off as an ordinary candle.

Private roof

Ladders upper 5th floor and roofs are private. No entrance!

Oven noise 

To stop oven noise  after electricity break, please press the clock button twice.

Before departure

Return the furniture to its place, close the doors and windows, open the curtains, turn off the lights and air conditioners, return the key to the Casuarina Shores office.
Fine 1000 THB per each incident

Requests and questions

For all questions, you can contact the office of Casuarina Shores or by mail and phone numbers indicated in contacts

Keep quiet!
Apartment windows are usually opened here, so loud noises disturb other guests and owners.

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