Answers to the most popular questions about Casuarina Shores Apartments and the surrounding area.

— «Is it worth it to relax in Thailand in the summer?»

Still worth it!
The so-called "rainy season" in Phuket is usually half an hour of tropical rain 3-4 times a week. For example, many tourists with pleasure fly to Bali in the winter, and there at that time exactly the same "rainy season" because the latitude of Phuket and Bali is 8 degrees, only the hemispheres are different.

— «How is rent paid??»

Rent can be paid:

  • Credit card online - it's convenient and safe.
  • Upon arrival at Casuarina Shores office by credit card or cash in Thai Baht, Dollars, Euros.

You can exchange currency for baht at the airport, at any bank or exchanger, the closest of which are located next to the Tesco Lotus supermarket in 3 minutes by car.

— «How long does the road take?»

From the airport to the apartments only half an hour by taxi.

— «How will the meeting of visitors be organized?»

We recommend taking a taxi - it's simple, reliable and convenient. Taxis are best taken when leaving the airport building, there are many taxi drivers offering their services at a price of 500-700 baht during the day and 800-1000 baht at night.

The security of the Casuarina Shores apartments will be notified of your arrival, the taxi will take you to the lift. The key can be obtained upon arrival at the office, or at the security guard Casuarina Shores.

— «Who can I contact on various issues?»

For questions, you can contact us in a convenient way by e-mail or phone numbers indicated in Contacts.

— «Can I order additional cleaning, change of bed linen or towels?»

It is possible, by oral request of the client to the office. The cost is indicated on the price page. All apartments are equipped with automatic washing machines, if desired, you can wash yourself.

— «Do I need to pay a deposit for property damage?»

When booking an apartment, a refundable deposit may be charged. Any damage to property must be reported and paid to the Casuarina Shores office. If you have not done so, the cost of repair or replacement will be deducted from your deposit or personal account in a 10-fold amount

— «How much money to take on vacation?»

The full cost of the rest is limited only by your desires and possibilities, but even 500 baht per person per day is enough for a wonderful rest with meals in inexpensive restaurants. For example, a buffet with mountains of meat and other goodies in the Nok & Jo’s restaurant costs only 350 baht per adult and half as much from a child, and this is with a free round-trip delivery!

— «Where to store money and valuables?»

Each apartment has a safe. To change the code, press the red button on the inner end of the door, enter your code up to 8 digits and the letter A or B. The lock is closed by turning the handle, and it also opens, but after entering the code. Remember to leave the safe open before you leave!

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