House rules

1. General

  1. Casuarina Shores (CS) is a quiet, family oriented high-class apart hotel.
  2. CS House Rules is to help CS Owners maintain and preserve CS as a preferred high-class residence and provide guidance for the benefit of CS guests and residents.
  3. CS Private Apartments (Units) should be used for residential purposes only and must not be used for any commercial, gambling, illegal or immoral purpose.
  4. No harassment to any persons, including verbal or physical is acceptable. CS Management will contact police to ban any guests or tenants that act in this manner.
  5. Guests and residents must not cause damage to any parts of CS Units or Common Area. Any damage must be reported to CS Management who will repair / replace the damaged articles and charge back the costs to the responsible person.
  6. Guests and residents must consider and be respectful of CS Community, should avoid any noise and not disturb their neighbors or do anything that may cause damage, nuisance or annoyance or otherwise interfere with the rights, comfort, convenience, health and safety of other residents. It is strictly forbidden to use the stairs and elevator above the 4th floor and enter the private roof without the permission and accompaniment of the owners, guests and tenants of the penthouses. Fine for violation of 2000 baht.
  7. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children – do not let your children scream for no reason, especially in the family pool, as this alarms other residents.

2. Rules & Regulations

  1. Washing must not be hung on terrace railings. Other items visible from the outside of the building except outdoor furniture, clothes dryer racks and flowers are prohibited on the terrace and should be hold inside Unit only.
  2. Any explosive material, including but not limited to firecrackers and fireworks, is strictly prohibited in CS.
  3. Open fire is prohibited in CS except using charcoal and safe liquid for charcoal ignition in BBQ area behind Family Pool Pump Room. Owners / Residents are allowed to use electric BBQ only on terrace only.
  4. Do not let any objects fall or be thrown from the terrace or windows.
  5. Pressurized Gas cylinders over 1 liter are not permitted inside Units.
  6. Residential toilets should be used only for the purpose they were designed and no rubbish should be disposed in them. The cost of clearing any blockage and / or repairing any breakage or damages resulting from their misuse will be charged to the person responsible.
  7. Private Property and personal belongings (including footwear) shall not be left in CS Common Area or outside Units.
  8. In the interests of safety and security, baby carriages, scooters, pedal cars, toys etc. should not be left unattended and should be kept inside Unit only. Bikes should be kept inside Units or on the special outside places appointed by CS Management.
  9. CS Management reserves the right to remove any offending article or obstruction from CS Common Area without prior warning and without liability.
  10. All mail shall be delivered to CS Office mailbox allocated to the Unit. Large items can be held at CS Office for collection by the recipient. CS Management and contractors employed by CS Management accept no responsibility and / or liability for any undelivered or lost mail or parcels of any description.
  11. In case of an emergency guests and residents should contact appropriate emergency service and inform CS Management.
  12. No unauthorised sign or advertisement are allowed in CS.
  13. Any queries, complaints, or suggestions in regard to matters concerning CS should be made to CS Management, preferably in writing.
  14. Permanent furnishings or tents are not permitted in CS Common Area or private gardens in front of ground floor units.
  15. There is to be no watering of plants that will cause excess water to drip down onto terraces below or disturb CS Common Area or structures or to cause injuries due to slippage

3. Storage

Personal belongings may not be stored anywhere in CS Common Area. In certain cases, Owners / Residents may request permission to store their belongings at the Store Rooms controlled by CS Management.

4. Keys

  1. If any keys were mislaid or stolen, inform CS Management immediately and change the lock.
  2. A record of the Keys will be kept at CS Management in the Key Control Logbook.

5. Pets

No Animals or Pets are permitted at CS. Should any unauthorised (or in the event authorised) pet cause damage to CS Common Area, Private Property or to any person, the owner of the Pet/Animal shall be liable for appropriate damages and any medical treatment costs.

6. Utilities

Unit’s electricity and water consumption are charged (except short term tenants) according to the meters and should be paid by Residents to Casuarina Shores Co. Ltd.

7. Private events

  1. Guests and residents are able to organize private events in the restaurant above the Fitness Center. There is no charge for the use of this facility except 2,000 THB for water, electricity and cleaning. Any damages or losses to be paid separately.
  2. Inform CS Management in advance of the scheduled event date and details.
  3. Events are not permitted to extend past midnight and music must be turned off at 10:00 pm.
  4. During any event, CS Management has the right to suspend or restrict activities to prevent any annoyance or inconvenience to other Owners / Residents or CS Common Area.
  5. Event guests are required to park vehicles near CS Security only.

8. Maintaining Cleanliness and Waste Disposal

  1. It is prohibited to leave any waste materials outside Units.
  2. Waste materials shall not be swept out of the Units into CS Common Area.
  3. Food waste and other waste materials shall be disposed of in tightly sealed plastic bags and all waste shall be placed in an orderly fashion in the common waste collection areas provided, which will be managed by CS Management.
  4. Guests and residents are prohibited from disposing of any waste in the drainage pipes. Violators shall be subject to a penalty fine of 5,000 THB per occurrence, in addition to any further maintenance/repair costs deemed necessary by CS Management.
  5. Guests and residents shall dispose of large and bulky waste items at their own expense directly to the city licensed waste collection center. Large items at the Common Garbage Areas will result in the Owner / Resident being subject to a penalty fine of 2,000 THB.

9. Car Parking

  1. One parking bay only is permitted for every Unit unless otherwise agreed by CS Management. Parking fee 200 THB per day but mot more 3,000 THB per month for the 2nd+ car per unit is established. There is no allocated parking at CS.
  2. The movement and parking of vehicles within CS is under CS Security and CS Management control and all drivers must comply with their directions. The speed is 10 km / hour. Car horn or other loud signals are not permitted.
  3. The Visitor Car Park near CS Office is under the control of CS Management and no Owners / Residents may park in the Visitor Car Parking Spaces without prior permission from CS Management.
  4. Servicing of vehicles is strictly prohibited in the Car Park. In the event of any fluid spills CS Management can arrange cleaning at Owner / Resident cost.
  5. Owners / Residents (and their drivers) are strictly prohibited from leaving any kind of car accessories or cleaning products in the Car Park. Failure to comply with this will result in the offending materials being removed by CS Management.
  6. CS Management maintains the right without liability to its owner to reposition any vehicle within the Car Park. It is recommended that parking break is left off providing it is safe to do so.
  7. Owners / Residents must inform CS Management of their vehicles make, model, and registration number to be allowed to use Car Park.
  8. The storage of any flammable materials and liquids is strictly prohibited in the Car Park or anywhere in CS.
  9. All persons using the parking spaces do so entirely at their own risk. CS Directors nor CS Management shall not be held responsible for any losses of, or damages to, any vehicles, their contents, or accessories of any vehicles or for any accidents or injuries which may be sustained by any person whether by Owners / Residents or guests, or otherwise arising directly or inclusively out of, or in connection with the use of CS Car Park.

10. Security

  1. CS Security is entitled to control CS access system and carry out a full search of any visitor or visitor’s vehicle entering or exiting CS. If the driver of a vehicle cannot present evidence of ownership, acquisition or rental, the vehicle shall be detained until clear evidence can be given.
  2. CS Security must obtain approval from the Owner / Resident / CS Management before allowing any visitor to enter CS.
  3. Any visitors shall receive a Visitor Card and a Vehicle Card for his / her vehicle (if any) with details being recorded by CS Security to the Entrance Logbook. The Vehicle Card must be displayed clearly all the duration of stay in CS.
  4. The Visitor is required to return the cards to CS Security upon leaving CS. Lost cards must be reported to CS management immediately. A visitor failing to return the cards upon leaving CS can be prevented from leaving and maybe refused entry on subsequent occasions.

11. Penalties and Violations

In cases of violation of any CS House Rules or AGM decisions where a fine is not prescribed a fine shall be assessed according to any arising damages and expenses 1,000 THB penalty for every violation after one warning. There will be a monthly limit of 10,000 THB + real CS property losses. CS Management should calculate losses (if any) and inform the owner and CS directors about every violation case and charge the Owner Fund, then the owner can charge the tenant’s Security Deposit.

12. Facilities

Open from 08:00 - 22:00. No smoking. No running. No ball games. No food and beverages. No glassware. The CS Management shall not be responsible for any accidents, injuries, and damages which maybe sustained by any person arising directly or indirectly, or in connection with the CS facilities, and whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

12.1. Family Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi
  • Children under 12 years must be accompanied by adults.
  • Do not allow your children to scream loudly as this alarms other residents
  • No audio devices unless headphones
  • No Food and beverages except fresh coconuts
  • No glassware
  • Use appropriate swimwear
  • Shower before using the pool
  • Turn off the Jacuzzi pump after completing the hydromassage
  • Do not use if unwell or have a contagious illness
  • Pool used at your own risk
12.2. Lap Pool
  • For adults only – children are not allowed
  • For exercise only
  • No audio devices unless headphones
  • Use appropriate swimwear
  • Shower before using the pool
  • Do not use if unwell or have a contagious illness
  • Pool used at your own risk
12.3. Fitness Center
  • For adults only – children are not allowed
  • Use at your own risk
  • Do not use unless you are physically fit
  • Wipe down equipment after use
  • Switch off the machines, lights, TV, A/C and close all doors after use
12.4. Sauna

Pregnant women, elderly persons, youths and those suffering from heart disease, diabetes, or high or low blood pressure should not use the sauna without prior medical consultation and the permission of their doctor.

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