Rest in apartments

Let yourself rest with pleasure. Casuarina Shores is your vacation as it can be.

All amenities of a modern apartment

Kitchen, dining room, separate bedrooms and bathrooms, a full set of furniture and equipment.

Silence and birdsong

Much less people, much quieter and calmer than in any hotel.

Free services

Free use of the pools, sauna, bar, gym and other common services, plus a large free parking.

Like at home

The ability to invite guests at any time, hire a nanny for young children or service staff.


Answers to the most popular questions about Casuarina Shores Apartments and the surrounding area.

Tips by experienced traveler

What to try? Where to go? What is worth a visit? Let's talk about everything first hand

Shopping and entertainment

A special selection of places to shop and have a good time for our guests

Instructions for guests

Brief overview of key points on every day that may be useful to our guests

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Apartments for rent in Phuket
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