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Public offer for rental apartments Casuarina Shores for residential purposes

This Offer is an official public offer to individuals or enterprises (Lessee) to conclude an Apartment Rental Agreement (Agreement) with Casuarina Shores Co., Ltd. (Company) according to Thai law. The Agreement is considered concluded on the Offer without exemptions and restrictions from the moment of registration and payment by the Tenant of 10% of the cost of the order (Order) on the Company's website (Website) and is valid until the parties fully fulfill their obligations. The text of the Offer, Tariffs and Rules of the Company (Rules) are posted on the Company’s Website.

  1. The Subject of the Agreement
    1. The company leases to the Lessee, apartments at Casuarina Shores residence at 20 Moo 2, Cherngtalay, Talang, Phuket, 83110, Thailand (Apartments) exclusively for the purposes of the Lessee’s/Tenant's stay with no more than 5 people of the Tenant's guests, including children of any age for whom the Tenant bears full responsibility in accordance with the Treaty and the laws of Thailand.
  2. The procedure for renting apartments by the Lessee:
    1. Read and agree to the Offer, Rates, Rules and strictly follow them.
    2. Place an Order on the Website by Lessee themselves, by e-mail request to or through an approved agent.
    3. Pay at least 10% of the cost of the Order by credit card (Card), bank transfer or cash to the Company office, after which the Agreement is considered concluded. A voucher confirming the type of the Apartment, the dates of stay and the remaining payment amount (Voucher) will be sent automatically after receipt of a 10% deposit payment.
    4. Pay at least 50% of the rental accommodation cost 60 days prior to arrival.
    5. Pay 100% of the rental accommodation cost no later than one day after arrival.
    6. Upon arrival, collect the keys from the Casuarina office. If outside of office working hours collect keys from the Security on duty using the Voucher.
    7. Short-term Lessees (less than 28 nights) should pre-pay full amount to the Company office for any additional services not included in the short-term Tariff. 
    8. For long-term Lessees (28 nights or more), upon check-in, payment of 10,000 baht insurance deposit should be made for each month of rent. The balance of which is returned upon rental completion after deducting payments for water, electricity and other services not included in the long-term Tariff. 
    9. The Lessee is prohibited from making changes to the apartments, including moving furniture, without the written consent of the Company. The Lessee is obliged to immediately pay Company the costs of unauthorized changes to the apartment.
    10. Each time leaving the Apartments, the Lessee is obliged to turn off the lights and air conditioning, as well as be sure to lock the doors with keys provided.
    11. At check out, the Lessee is obliged to report any damages or loss of property of the Apartments and pay the full amount for replacement or repair (at the discretion of the Company), otherwise the Company has the right to withhold the equivalent of twice the cost of such damages or loss.
    12. The Company has the right to use third parties to receive payments under this Agreement. When paying for the order by credit card, the Company has the right to verify the payment by contacting the Lessee to resolve any issues. If the Lessee is not available or the issue is not resolved, Company has right to cancel the Order.
    13. The Lessee is required to pay a penalty of 1% of the Order for each day of delay in any payments under the Agreement.
    14. When choosing the payment method “Quick confirmation by credit card”, the Lessee agrees to the direct debiting of the amounts from the Card, according to the above points, by the Bank of the Company.
    15. In case of cancellation of the Order, non-arrival or early departure, regardless of the reasons refunds will not be given.
    16. If the notice of non-arrival is given more than 30 days in advance, the Company may offer the Lessee a transfer of the order to a later date.
    17. Representatives of the Company have the right of access to the Apartments at any time for cleaning/linen, inspections, urgent repairs, installation of new equipment or furniture.
    18. The Company has the right to relocate the Tenant to another Casuarina Shores apartment without any compensation, which does not violate the terms of the Agreement.
    19. The Company has the right at any time to disable and enable the service on their website, carry out essential work on the server and other equipment involved in the provision of services, informing the tenants on the website when possible.
    20. The Company guarantees the Lessee the confidentiality of the data provided.
    21. The Lessee is responsible for the confidentiality of his/her registration name (login) and password, as well as for all actions performed under this name (login) and password. The Company is not responsible and does not compensate for losses incurred due to unauthorized use by third parties of the Lessee’s login and password.
    22. The tenant is prohibited from subleasing the Apartment to other people or bringing people to the property who are not listed on the Voucher.
    23. In case of breach of the Agreement by the Lessee or persons listed on their voucher, the Company has the right to terminate it at any time without refund of any payments.
    24. In case of violation of the Agreement by the Company, the Lessee has the right to demand from the Company to eliminate the violation. The Company is obliged to remedy the violation within a reasonable time or provide the Tenant with other Casuarina Shores apartments. Only if the Company can neither eliminate the violation within a reasonable time, nor provide the Tenant with other Casuarina Shores apartments, the Tenant has the right to terminate the Agreement and the unused portion of the Rent less deductions in accordance with the Agreement, Voucher and Tariff. Apartments, furniture and equipment must comply with the description on the Site, but their failure to meet the tenant's expectations is not a violation of the Agreement.
  3. Force Majeure
    1. Force Majeure (force majeure, i.e., extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances under the given conditions) events are considered to lead to the inability to use the apartments by the Lessee, not caused by the fault of the Company or the Lessee, such as wars, strikes, actions and decisions of state authorities and natural disasters.
    2. The Lessee and the Company are exempted from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations under the Agreement due to Force Majeure and are not liable and will not be required to compensate each other for losses or return previously paid amounts.
  4. House Rules
    1. The Lessee represents the interests of all persons listed on the Voucher, and is responsible for the correctness of their data and their fulfillment of the Agreement.
    2. The Company or its third parties accept no responsibility or liability for failure to provide the services on its part if it arises from the breach of the Agreement and failure of the Lessee or their guests, the inaccuracy, insufficiency or delays of the information provided by Lessee, loss of personal valuables by the Lessee or their guests, accidents and health problems of the Lessee and their guests, regardless of the reasons.
    3. In matters not provided in the Agreement, the Company and the Lessee should be governed by the laws of Thailand.
    4. The Company and the Lessee should make mutual efforts to reach agreement on controversial issues through negotiations. If it is not possible, disputes arisen should be reconciled and settled at the judicial authorities of Thailand.
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